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Film Industry

Film Industry

With the every growing market of filming in the state of Georgia we fully understand the growing need for certain props and products in the industry. We cater to the film industry as often as possible. We understand your needs as well as your budget. Whether it's something as simple as a dash light for a blacked out Tahoe or lights for marked units, we can supply the police lights you want at an affordable price or lease option. The options we offer will work within your budget and help provide the equipment you need at a fraction of the cost.



Another issue to consider, strobes. Most movie cameras are ineffective in capturing the flashing of strobe lights due to the high frequency of the flash rate and short dwell time of the actual flash of light. So this is the main reason you rarely see the use of strobe lights on emergency vehicles in any film or video production. Also, it's not uncommon to use electrical tape or gaffers tape to block out some of the direct light output so as not to overwhelm the camera during filming. However, doing so requires great care to ensure the lights are not so obscured so as to bring un-wanted attention to them for appearing out of the ordinary. This is where Responder PSE comes in. It's our job to help you find just the right emergency vehicle lighting solution that will compliment your motion picture.

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